The Nolan Boys ATV Safety Program

"Know The Dangers of ATV's"  

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Riding an all-terrain vehicle can be a very exciting, exhilarating experience but in the hands of an untrained operator an ATV can also be very dangerous to operate. ATV's handle very differently than other vehicles. Accidents happen very fast, even during routine exercises like turning, riding over obstacles, or riding on hills.

The purpose of the Wisconsin ATV Safety Training program is to promote responsible, safe and ethical ATV use. By participating in the program students will obtain a better understanding of their obligations to the resources, the landowner, other ATV users and to themselves.

NOTE: ASI (All-terrain Vehicle Safety Institute) certificates are not valid in Wisconsin.

Course Objective

To reduce the potential for ATV accidents, injuries and fatalities, to reduce the potential for conflict between ATV'ers, landowners, and other resource users, and to promote safe, responsible, and ethical use of the environment and our resources.

Course Content

  1. Protective gear.
  2. How to name and operate the main ATV parts and identify safety features.
  3. Understanding the steps in a pre-ride inspection; troubleshooting minor problems.
  4. How to start, shift and operate an ATV.
  5. ATV handling, how to brake, park and turn at various speeds.
  6. Riding skills, how to safely climb, descend, and traverse a slope, crossing different terrains, and water and winter riding.
  7. ATV's and the environment, first aid, emergency situations, and survival skills.
  8. Regulations, responsibility, and ethics.

Course Information

The all-terrain vehicle safety course consists of a minimum of six hours of instruction. Instruction emphasizes the importance of laws and regulations, ethics, personal safety, and the proper use of all-terrain vehicles.

Who is required to be certified

All ATVers who ride on public riding areas (trails, frozen waters, routes, permitted county and/or forest lands, etc.) who are at least age 12 and who were born on or after January 1, 1988 must have completed a safety certification course. These ATV operators must carry their safety certification card and they must display it to law enforcement officers when requested.

Anyone is eligible to take the class and receive a safety education completion certificate. For children under 12 years of age, the certificate does not become valid until the child reaches 12 years of age. Go to the ATV Age Requirements page for additional details.

Length of Course

Minimum 6 hours. May be longer depending on instructor.

Class Availability

Varies depending on area of the state and time of the year. There is at least one class per county per year. Go to our Upcoming Classes page to check latest availability.

Cost of Course